M.Sc. Ruchira Ashleyn Colaco

Ph.D. Student

Ruchira was born in 1993 in Vasai, a small suburban town in the north of Mumbai, India. In 2013 she completed her bachelor’s in chemistry from Wilson College, Mumbai University. In June 2015 she obtained her master’s in chemistry (accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK) from the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai. For her master thesis she worked on chemistry of phenazine in the group of Prof. Dr. S. D. Samant.
In Oct 2015 she moved to Germany to pursue a second master degree in Material Science and Engineering at the technical faculty (TF), Kiel University (CAU). In Oct 2016 she joined the group of Prof. Dr. Staubitz in CAU Kiel to work on an OC-F3 practical course on synthesis of spiropyran functionalized polymers. Her master thesis work involved processing of spiropyran based polymer blend fibers via centrifugal force spinning, in the group of Prof. Dr. R. Adelung and Prof. Dr. A. Staubitz.
In 2018 she started her Ph. D at the University of Bremen. She is working in the field of perylene based macrocyclic switches.


Ruchira Colaco


Ruchira Ashleyn Colaco, M.Sc.

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