Unless specified otherwise in the examination schedule, the following registration and deregistration dates apply


 Winter SemesterSummer Semester


10.12. - - 30.06


10.12. - - 30.06


Please note that the examination schedule is subject to amendment. Please keep yourself regularly informed.

If you cannot log in or out via PABO, it could be due to the following points:

- Module results are still pending from the Faculties (please contact the module leader)

  • You have already passed the module (please check in PABO)
  • The registration and deregistration phases differ (see examination schedule)
  • You are not enrolled for the degree program

If registration is still not possible, then please contact the respective Administrative Office the Central Examination Office immediately.

In case of technical problems within the PABO portal contact us immediately and still during the registration phase via this form.

We recommend that you first collect the credits awarded for General Studies during the first years of study rather than hand them in directly to the Central Examination Office.

  • Once registered, credits can no longer be exchanged!

You have the option to set an individual focus on studies. The credits earned in this specialt can be registered towards the end of your studies.

  • Graded certificates must be recorded with the grades awarded.

Therefore, please consider in advance whether you want to have grades or not, and inform your lecturers about it.

  • Submission of certificates

To submit credits for registration in General Studies, you should ideally bring along the original and a copy. We match these, keep the copy for your file, and you can take back the original for later use.

  • Voluntary additional work

If you submit General Studies Certificates that exceed the number of 180 CPs required by the Examination Regulations, they will be listed as “voluntary additional work”. Such work is not included in the calculation of the final grade. The voluntary additional work is indicated in the certificate only with the grade and not as CPs, as it is not permitted to earn a total of more than 180 CP in the bachelor's program.

Bachelor Board of Examiners

  • Prof. Dr. Ivo Mossig (Chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. Bernd Zolitschka (Vice Chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. Julia Lossau
  • Tobias Tkaczick (Research assistant)
  • Hinner Preckel (Student Representative)

Contact Person in the ZPA

Administrative Office Faculty 08
Sole, Major & Minor Subject

  • Matthias Höhmann
  • Edith Kröger

zpa-fb8protect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Administrative Office Faculty 12
Optional for Teacher Training

  • Daniel Rynas
  • Danuta Warywocka
  • Wioletta Djurkovic
  • Elzbieta Makiela

zpa-fb12protect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de