Dr. phil.

Meeting dates of the doctoral committee

jeweils um 9:15 Uhr s.t.

Meeting datesRoomDeadline
24. Januar 2024GW 2, A 22104. Januar 2024
21. Februardigital1. Februar 2024
17. April 2024GW 2, A 221028. März 2024
22. Mai 2024GW 2, A 35702. Mai 2024
12. Juni 2024GW 2, A 357023. Mai 2024
11. September 2024GW 2, A 221022. August 2024
16. Oktober 2024digital26. September 2024
13. November 2024GW 2, A 221024. Oktober 2024
11. Dezember 2024GW 2, A 221021. November 2024

Survey form and explanation of doctoral statistics

Since the winter semester 2018/2019, additional data must be collected statistically for applications for admission as doctoral students*. This data must be entered on the page www.uni-bremen.de/promostatiss. After entering your data, you will automatically receive a copy of your information by e-mail. This copy must be attached to the application for admission as a doctoral candidate.

If you have not yet been admitted to the University of Bremen as a doctoral candidate, you must enter this data if you wish to apply for admission to the University of Bremen as a doctoral candidate. The copy of your data must then be attached to this application.

Display/open forms

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Contact persons

at the ZPA ...

Administrative Office Faculty 10
  • Ms. Helmik
  • Ms. Jagel
  • Ms. Schilling

zpa-fb10protect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Doctoral committee

  • Prof. Dr. Anne Levin (Chairwoman)
  • Dr. Uwe Spörl (Vice chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. Cordula Nolte
  • Prof. Dr. Norman Sieroka
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Grünewald
  • Dr. Frank Müller
  • Dr. Uwe Spörl
  • Ellen Dunker
  • Norman Aselmeyer