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Dr. rer. pol. / BIGSSS - PhD

Faculties 7, 8 and 11 award the doctoral degree “Dr.rer.pol.” in economics and social sciences. It is possible to obtain a doctorate in every field represented in the teaching and research covered in these Faculties. The doctorate serves as proof of aptitude for in-depth scientific work.

Applications for acceptance as a doctoral candidate as well as applications for admission to doctoral studies must be submitted to the Central Examination Office, Administrative Office FB 07. The doctoral committee decides on applications.

Meeting dateRoomDeadline
January 29WiWi1, A 3020January 14
April 15WiWi1, A 3020March 31
May 27WiWi1, A 3020May 12
July 1WiWi1, A 3020June 16
October 21WiWi1, A 3020October 6
December 16WiWi1, A 3020December 1
January 27, 2021WiWi1, A 3020January 12, 2021