Dr. rer. nat. FB 11

Meeting dayRoomDeadline
30.11.2022, 09:00 a.m.N.A.16.11.2022
11.01.2023, 09:00 a.m.N.N.28.12.2022
19.04.2023; 10:00 a.mN.N.05.04.2023
05.06.2023; 08:00 a.m.N.N.22.05.2023
17.07.2023; 08:00 a.m.N.N.03.07.2023

At its meeting on 19.04.2016, the doctoral committee Dr. rer. nat. decided the following:

It recommends to include at least one English-language journal article in cumulative dissertations.

Doctoral Degree Regulations

from the 09th July 2022


Doctoral Committee Dr. rer. nat. FB 11

  • Prof. Dr. Markus Janczyk (chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. Hajo Zeeb (vice chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Kandler
  • Dr. Annika Wienke (research assistant)
  • Nadine Kolof  (student representive)

Contact Person in the ZPA

Administrative Office Faculty 11

  • Maria Frerichs-Bielefeld
  • Mike Janssen

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