Information sheet for the PhD Student Colloquium (Dr. phil.)

The PhD student colloquium can take place at the earliest after a four-week display of your dissertation and the evaluations in the faculty and three weeks after the meeting of the PhD board, in which

  1. the evaluations of the dissertation are accepted and
  2. the composition of the examination committee was approved.

These two topics are usually decided together at one meeting, so you should submit your proposal for the composition of the examination board (with title and, if applicable, title of office of the respective examiners) in good time.

The proposal for the composition of the examination board should be submitted by the PhD student.
Please use the form on our website for this purpose.

Room planning and booking must be done by yourself or your evaluator. To do this, you can contact the Room and Multimedia Scheduling Office (

Please pay attention to the meeting dates and the respective submission deadlines for the applications when planning your schedule!

The examination board usually consists of:

  • Evaluators of the dissertation
  • two further examiners (according to § 4 (5) of the doctoral regulations Dr. phil.)

Procedure for proposing an external examiner
If you request an external examiner, please submit an informal justification together with the other documents.
Please remember to include the complete address of the external examiner, including the official title.
If external examiners are to be appointed, it must be clarified in advance who will bear the costs incurred. It is not possible for you or the examiner to bear these expenses. Therefore, together with your supervisor, please contact the faculty in charge or the University of Bremen BYRD ( A confirmation of the assumption of costs should be issued there, which must be enclosed with your application.

When electing voting members, please make sure that, according to the rules of the DFG, the appearance of bias is excluded!

- 2 non-voting members of the University of Bremen

2/3 of the voting members in the review board must be active teaching staff of the University of Bremen.

Since all members of the examination board receive an invitation for the colloquium, it is absolutely necessary that you provide the exact addresses! (for members of the University of Bremen the indication of the faculty and the building is sufficient)

For the protocolist: An information sheet with instructions for the protocol of the PhD student colloquium is available on our website. Here it is important to note whether the PhD is awarded according to the PromO of 2000 or according to the PromO 2012.

After the protocol has been confirmed at a meeting of the PhD board, your certificate will be issued. From experience, this can take about four weeks.
It will be handed over or sent to you as soon as the publication of your dissertation has taken place (see info sheet "Publication").