Business Studies

If you cannot log in or out via PABO, it could be due to the following points:

- Module results are still pending from the Faculties (please contact the module leader)

  • You have already passed the module (please check in PABO)
  • The registration and deregistration phases differ (see examination schedule)
  • You are not enrolled for the degree program

If registration is still not possible, then please contact the respective Administrative Office the Central Examination Office immediately.

In case of technical problems within the PABO portal contact us immediately and still during the registration phase via this form.

No devices that can either record play back and / or save images, text and data, or communicate with other persons or devices may be taken into the examination.

These are especially, but not exclusively, so-called smartphones and smartwatches. This rule also applies to calculators, unless the examiner does not explicitly set different rules.

Such equipment and devices must be handed in before the start of the examination. Access to such devices during the exam – not only their proven use – will be deemed an attempt to cheat.

Please hand in documents for the recognition of examinations taken in Germany to Ms. Lazar in the secretariat. This can be done at any time.

Please note that during consultation hours no matters can be discussed that have a bearing on decisions of the examination board. Hearings in front of this body will only take place at the invitation of the committee.

Bachelor Board of Examiners

  • Prof. Dr. Christian Cordes (Chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. André W. Heinemann (Vice Chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Burmann (Professor)
  • Prof. Dr. Jörg Freiling (Deputy Professor)
  • Johannes Voshaar (Research Assistant)
  • Charlotte Pietschmann (Deputy Research Assistant)
  • Sandy Kück (Student Representative)
  • Julian Hatko (Deputy Student Representative)

Contact Person in the ZPA

Administrative Office Faculty 07

  • Annafrid Schulte
  • Simon Arnold

zpa-fb7protect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de


Contact person in the faculty