The PABO login for students works from 01. December 2020 the same way as the MOIN, StudIP and ZfN login.

All students have received their activation data for their university e-mail account at the e-mail address they provided during the application process.

In order to be able to use all the services offered by the University of Bremen, the account needs to be activated using these data via the following website:

If you are not able to log in, please consult the homepage of the Zentrum für Netze (ZfN):

The already existing PABO access data from previous semesters remain valid and can still be used.

The TAN procedure to confirm the desired exam registration or deregistration has been abolished.

Registrations for and cancellations of examinations now work without the need to confirm the process with a TAN.

PIN and TAN letters will no longer be sent for the above reasons.

Please note that the service point is only responsible for the study programs in Faculties 6 - 12 as well as for teacher training subjects. The study programs embedded in Faculties 1 - 5 have their own examination offices.