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China's International Investment Positions (State Administration of Foreign Exchange) Net International Investment Positions (Assets & Liabilities)2004-todayPer sub-investment position; Annual and quarterly data
Balance of Payments FDI statistics (State Administration of Foreign Exchange) Direct Investment Assets & Liabilities1982-today (USD)Annual and quarterly data
China Statistical YearbooksForeign Trade & Economic Cooperation>Overseas direct investmentNet overseas direct investment (stock, flow)2003-todayHost country; Host industry

National Bureau of Statistics

Go to: Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation>Overseas direct investment by country/industryNet overseas direct investment (stock, flow)2007-todayHost country; Host industry

Investment Project Information Database (MOFCOM)

Filter by individual project onlyCount of projects2012-today

Host country; Host industry; investment type; Home province;

Investment Project Information Database (MOFCOM) Statistics from page 15 onwardsCount of projects1970-2013Host country; Host & Home industry; firm ownership type; Home province; etc
China Global Investment Tracker Count and value of projects2005-todayBRI; Host country; Host industry; Investment type

Please note, our Chair has further datasets available. 

Data Source

EU-China Investment Agreement Process (1) (2)
China's Central State-owned Enterprises (Directory)

China Top 500 companies (only available in Chinese)

China Fortune 500 (only available in Chinese)

China Vitae (Biographical information on Chinese leaders in government, politics, the military, education, business, and the media)

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