Anna Caroline Kehl, M. Sc.

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  • MNEs in the green transition
  • Sustainability & globalization
  • GVC policies

Zur Person

Anna Kehl joined the Working Group International Management and Governance as a research assistant and doctoral candidate in October 2021.

Previously she studied Economics (B.Sc.) at the University of Bremen and at the University of Alcalá de Henares, Spain. She completed her master's degree in Business Studies (M.Sc.) at Bremen University in September 2021. 

In her dissertation project, she aims to investigate the role of multinational enterprises in the green transition. In today's globalized economy, MNEs receive increasing attention in the call for sustainable development as they strongly influence host countries' local environment through cross-border activities. Against the backdrop of increasing criticism of the negative environmental impacts of global value creation and a trend towards restrictive investment policies, her research interest lies in the ambiguous role of MNEs in reaching zero-net economy goals. While globalization is accompanied by tremendously increased emissions on the one hand, MNEs will have a key role in providing the needed capital and knowledge for investments in green technologies and infrastructure on the other hand. More specifically, her research focuses on transition-related activities of advanced economy MNEs in emerging markets. Research questions aim e.g. at the extent to which emerging economies develop green innovations as a result of advanced MNEs' investments and favorable political environments.