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Prof. Dr. Torben Klarl

Professor Dr. Torben Klarl

Professor für Volkswirtschaftslehre, inbes. Makroökonomie


Adresse: Max-von-Laue-Straße 1, 28359 Bremen

Gebäude: WiWi2, Raum: 2170

E-Mail: tklarlprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Tel: +49 (0)421 218-66560



Aktuelle Positionen  
Seit Oktober 2016 Professor für Makroökonomie, Universität Bremen
Seit April 2016 Research Fellow, School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA), Indiana University, Bloomington, USA
Vorherige Positionen  
2015 Visiting Professor, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA
2014 Vertretungsprofessur für Wirtschaftspolitik, Universität Ulm
2010-2014 Habilitand, Universität Augsburg
2009/2010 Visiting Researcher
  University of California, Davis, USA
  Universität Heidelberg
  Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung, ZEW, Mannheim
2006-2009 Doktorand, Universität Augsburg
2014 Habilitation (Dr. rer. pol. habil.), Universität Augsburg
2009 Dr. rer. pol., Universität Augsburg
2006 Diplom-Volkswirt, Universität Augsburg



Arbeitspapier Hackmann, Angelina; Klarl, Torben (2018):  The Evolution of Zipf's Law for U.S. Cities.

Journal Artikel - Klarl, Torben (2018): Housing is local: Applying a dynamic unobserved factor model for the Dutch housing market, accpeted for publication, Economics Letters.

Journal Artikel - Klarl, Torben; Menter, Matthias; Lehmann, Erik E. (2018): In search of excellence: a case study of the first excellence initiative of Germany; DOI10.1007/s11573-018-0909-5; Journal of Business Economics.

Arbeitspapier - Klarl, Torben (2018): Is a reduction of the knowledge barrier good for welfare? A focus on transitional dynamics in a dynamic monopoly setting

Arbeitspapier - Klarl, Torben; Prettner, Klaus; Schaefer, Andreas (2018): How to reduce inequality and promote economic growth

Arbeitspapier - Klarl, Torben; Antony, Jürgen (2018): Resource Use in a Ramsey Economy with Subsistence Consumption, Resource Augmenting Technical Change and Capital Depreciation: A Full Characterization

Wiedereinreichung - Klarl,Torben; Antony, Jürgen (2018): Non-Renewable Resources, Subsistence Consumption, and Hartwick's Investment Rule, revision requested at Resource and Energy Economics


Journal Artikel - Klarl, Torben (2017): Complementarity of willingness to pay and cost heterogeneity under vertical product differentiation: A welfare analysis, doi.org/10.1007/s00191-017-0496-6, Journal of Evolutionary Economics

Journal Artikel - Klarl, Torben; Flor, Michael (2017): On the Cyclicity of Regional House Prices: New Evidence for U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas, DOI: 10.1016/j.jedc.2017.02.001, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control

Arbeitspapier - Klarl, Torben; Antony, Jürgen (2017): A fresh look on the Health Status-GDP nexus for the U.S.: Where rolling VECM meets Wavelets

Arbeitspapier - Klarl, Torben (2017): Status race for health, fiscal policy, elastic labor supply, and endogenous growth


Journal Artikel - Klarl,Torben; Antony, Jürgen; Lehmann, Erik E. (2016): Productive and Harmful Entrepreneurship in a Knowledge Economy, DOI: 10.1007/s11187-016-9822-x, Small Business Economics

Journal Artikel - Klarl, Torben (2016): Pollution externalities, endogenous health and the speed of convergence in an endogenous growth model, Journal of Macroeconomics, 50, 2016, 98-113.

Journal Artikel - Klarl, Torben (2016): The nexus between Housing and GDP re-visited: A wavelet coherence view on Housing and GDP for the U.S, Economics Bulletin, 36, 2016, 704-720.

Journal Artikel - Klarl, Torben; Heiberger, Christopher; Maußner, Alfred (2016): On the Numerical Accuracy of First-Order Approximate Solutions to DSGE Models (with Christopher Heiberger and Alfred Maußner), doi:10.1017/S1365100515000966, Macroeconomic Dynamics.

Arbeitspapier - Klarl, Torben (2016): Optimal policy moving towards a green economy: Are R&D subsidies always benefical?

Wiedereinreichung - Klarl,Torben; Antony, Jürgen (2016): An EM-Algorithm for Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Vector Autoregressions with Mixed Frequency Data, revision requested at Macroeconomic Dynamics

Wiedereinreichung - Klarl, Torben (2016): The response of CO_2 emissions to the busines cycle: New evidence for the U.S. based on a Markov-switching approach


Journal Artikel - Klarl, Torben; Heiberger, Christopher; Maußner, Alfred (2015): On the Uniqueness of Solutions to Rational Expectations Models (with Christopher Heiberger and Alfred Maußner), Economics Letters, 128, 2015, 14-16.

Journal Artikel - Klarl, Torben (2015): Urban growth, transportation and the spatial dimension of the labour market: a note, Papers in Regional Science, 94, 2015, 597-605


Journal Artikel - Klarl, Torben (2014): Is Spatial Bootstrapping a Panacea for Valid Inference?, Journal of Regional Science, 54, 2014, 304-312.

Journal Artikel - Klarl, Torben (2014): Knowledge diffusion and knowledge transfer revisited: two sides of the medal, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 24, 2014, 737-760.


Journal Artikel - Klarl, Torben (2013): Market dynamics, dynamic resource management and environmental policy in the context of (strong) sustainability, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 23, 2013, 861-888.

Journal Artikel - Klarl, Torben (2013): Comment on Acs and Varga: Entrepreneurship, agglomeration and technological change, Small Business Economics, 41, 2013, 215-218.


Journal Artikel - Klarl,Torben; Antony, Jürgen; Maußner, Alfred (2012): Firm Heterogeneity, Credit Constraints, and Endogenous Growth, Journal of Economics, 105, 2012, 199-224.

Journal Artikel - Klarl, Torben (2012): Book review of Entrepreneurship and Innovations in Functional Regions, eds. Charlie Karlsson, Roger R. Stough and Börje Johansson, Journal of Regional Science, 52, 2012, 161–162.


Research Fellow School of Public and Environmental Affaris, Indiana University, Bloomington

Member of the Editorial Review Board, Small Business Economics

Verein für Socialpolitik

European Economic Association


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Economics Bulletin

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