Studies in CIT


The faculty ranks among the top five in Germany with respect to research funds raised. They work closely with national and international industry and other research centers on research projects involving the newest technology. Students are encouraged to participate in these projects.  Funding opportunities for students are available in limited number. For more detailed information visit the University's official webpage.



Master of Science


Duration of the Courses

2 years



Compulsory courses are taught in English. German and English language courses are offered. It is also possible to participate in some elective courses taught in German in the second year.


Career Prospects

Engineers from CIT are needed in a wide range of fields including industrial and non-industrial research, planning, development, implementation, production, distribution, and maintenance of all types of information technology systems.


Goals of the Courses

  • A broad understanding and knowledge in the fields of Communication and Information Technology, e.g., wireless communication systems.
  • Introduction to non-technical subjects dealing with economics, legal and social issues.
  • Development of required skills for entry into the professions of Information and Communication Engineering.


Housing and Funding

Organisational assistance is offered to all master students related to housing and other concerns. See the website of the International Office for details. Limited funding opportunities are available through student jobs available within research projects or in companies around the campus.