Talk about Usable Security from Florian Alt

Florian Alt, Professor of Usable Security at BW University Munich, will give a talk at our Graduate College on Monday, May 15, 2023, from 2pm to 3pm, titled "Where Ubicomp Meets Usable Security - Novel Security User Interfaces based on User Behavior and Physiology". Those interested are welcome to attend.

The content of the talk is announced as follows:


Over the past years a global and highly professional cyber crime industry has established itself, making user-centred attacks an omnipresent threat for society. Companies, organisations and individuals struggle to keep up and protect themselves effectively from an ever growing number of sophisticated attack vectors. Reasons are, among others, a general lack of awareness and understanding of such threats, inherently complex and difficult-to-understand security and privacy mechanisms, and users struggling to habituate secure behavior in cyber space.

Yet, humans are not as helpless as it seems, as many examples of secure behavior in the real world demonstrate. Based on examples from our research, I will demonstrate how natural security behavior can be supported in the digital world through the design and development of security user interfaces that are aware of human behavior and physiology. I will showcase how technologies for human augmentation allow a detailed understanding on humans’ responses to security-related situations to be obtained and leveraged so as to target opportune moments, enable contextualised means for protection, and increase users’ security literacy.

Florian Alt