Visit from Johannes Pfau from the GUII Lab from the University of California, Santa Cruz

Our former colleague Johannes Pfau visited us today and gave us an overview of his work as a PostDoc at the Game User Interaction and Intelligence Labs (GUII-Lab) with topics like Smart Cities, Religion & Virtual Reality, Player-Driven Game Analytics, etc.. It was exciting to get a closer look about…

ACM CHI 2023: Paper and "Honorable Mention"

We are pleased to announce that a paper titled 'About Engaging and Governing Strategies: A Thematic Analysis of Dark Patterns in Social Networking Services'  has been accepted for publication at the 2023 ACM CHI conference. The paper's contribution to the field of dark patterns and online ethics has…

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New Member of our Working Group

Since the beginning of February, Johanna Rockstroh is a new member of our research group.

Johanna has a master's degree in foreign language linguistics and additionally studied computational linguistics. Her research interests are in natural language processing (NLP) and human-robot interaction.…

Retreat in Bremerhaven

Digital Media Lab Retreat in Wilhelmshaven

This year we were finally able to go on an AG retreat together again. We had three days in a hotel at the North Sea in Wilhelmshaven in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss scientific as well as working group related topics that are relevant for us. In between we had time for 'team building' activities…

Mr. Bovenschulte at the Digital Media Lab

Mr. Bovenschulte visits the Digital Media Lab

Bremen's mayor Mr. Bovenschulte visited us last Wednesday, to inform himself about virtual reality (VR) technologies at the TZI. Colleagues from our and other TZI working groups presented him projects realized in VR such as Vivatop, a system to support surgeons during surgery. A detailed overview of…

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Global Game Jam 2023

At last: This year the Global Game Jam (GGJ) will be held again in person here at the university!

The GGJ is an annual event that takes place simultaneously all over the world and where players develop a computer or board game within 48 hours. You don't have to be a professional game developer.…

"Der Denker"-Robot

I AI, you Jane

Bremen Innovativ published an exciting article about the project MUHAI - "Meaning and Understanding in Human-centric AI", in which we are involved. The research project is looking for solutions for human-centric AI that can make sense of content when interacting with spoken language. "We want to…

Dr. Thomas Münder

Thomas Münder new post-doctoral fellow

In November 2022, Thomas Münder successfully defended his doctoral thesis "Understanding natural haptic interaction: investigating haptic feedback in professional virtual reality applications".

His dissertation investigates the theoretical foundation of natural interaction with haptic feedback in…

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Welcome to two new colleagues in our working group

We welcome two new colleagues in our working group: Rachel Ringe in the project MUHAI and Vino Avanesi in our PHD program EDM.

Rachel is interested in exploring the possibilities of using smartphones with all their included sensors and cameras in combination with VR applications.

Vino's background…

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Project hyBit: Interaction design for a hydrogen hub

This week was the official kick-off event for the new research project hyBit - Hydrogen for Bremen's Industrial Transformation. With nearly 100 people from science, business and politics participating, it was three days of engaging exchanges and an impressive visit to Bremen's steel mill.