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Advice and Legal Matters

A box with the University logo lies besides pencils.

Labor and Employment Law

For all labor law issues (parental benefits, maternity leave, parental leave, part-time work, etc.), please contact the person responsible for you in the Administrative Department 02 for Human Resources. 

Administrative Department for Human Resources (German only)

Family Care Office

The Family Care Office (FSB) for students and university staff is the first point of contact for information and advice on all matters relating to the topic family.

The FSB also functions as a place for exchange and networking among parents. For this purpose, there are, for example, events, such as parent cafés and clothes-swap parties during the semester. 

Family Care Office

Staff Council

The staff council advises colleagues on individual concerns and represents the collective interests of employees in dealings with the university executive board. 

Staff Council

Women’s Representative

Among the areas of work of the women’s representative under the Bremen Act on Equal Treatment are issues relating to the reconciliation of career and family life. 

Women´s representative for administration and technology

The central women’s representative and her deputies represent the concerns and interests of women scientists in research and teaching as well as those of students at the University of Bremen. They advise and support the university management and the central bodies of the University of Bremen in implementing the equal treatment directive anchored in the Bremisches Hochschulgesetz (Higher Education Act of the State of Bremen – BremHG).

Central women´s representative

In-House Social Counseling Service

The In-House Social Counseling Service offers psycho-social counselling and coaching for all university staff. In-House Social Counseling Service can deal with all questions or problems from the workplace or private life, factual questions, or health problems. 

Inhouse- Social Counseling Service

ADE – Advisory and Information Centre against Discrimination & Violence – Expertise and Conflict Counseling

The Advisory and Information Centre against Discrimination & Violence – Expertise and Conflict Counseling will advise you on dealing with conflicts, if you feel discriminated against, or have experienced violence. The consultations are based on your needs and interests and are confidential. 

Advisory and Information Centre against Discrimation & Violence (ADE)

Addiction Prevention Service

The Addiction Prevention Unit is an advisory and service facility for managers, superiors and employees of the University of Bremen.

Addiction Prevention Unit (German only)

Bremen Chamber of Labour (Arbeitnehmerkammer)

As members of the Chamber of Labour, employees in the State of Bremen can take up numerous support and advisory services.

The Chamber of Labour provides advice on family matters, health, labor law, and continuing education opportunities. Fees for consultation services may be charged up to a maximum of 10 euros. 

Arbeitnehmerkammer Bremen