Christina Plump and the work with the data

In our new movie about our graduates, Christina Plump takes the leading role. Between computer visualizations and the search for coherent data she gives us the opportunity to get to know her and her subproject better.

Actually, Christina wanted to quit her computer science studies in order to devote herself to industrial engineering. Luckily, she didn't go through with this plan - after studying mathematics, computer science and business administration, it is very easy for her to keep getting involved in new fields. Her subproject P02 gives her the opportunity to do so time and again: Her tasks include analyzing data and obtaining feedback from our engineers in the SFB. The connection to engineering science is still there and Christina's work is a benefit for everyone. But she is also involved in the project "School in Farbigen Zuständen" and has entered the world of computers with our special science class.

This film concludes the series "In Profile", with which we presented 12 of our graduates.


Click here for the film about Christina Plump

Christina Plump