Insights into the lives of our researchers

Mareike Picklum and Ingmar Bösing are the focus of the two new films from our series "Im Profil". They take us into their world of materials research. On the agenda: Making artificial intelligence even more intelligent and characterizing materials.

The interface between artificial intelligence and materials research creates Mareike Picklum's basic research. In subproject P01, Mareike is working on an intelligent assistance system that uses methods of machine learning and artificial intelligence to map the creative process of material development and make it usable by machine.

For this purpose, she not only uses the data generated in the SFB, but also combines various sources of knowledge to find possible connections that have not yet been discovered.

Mareike loves working in science. People who have ideas and enjoy research create a positive working environment for her. She was also able to experience this on the other side of the ocean - for three months, she spent three months in the USA with other scientists* investigating the new field of materials science and AI.

Ingmar Bösing has already devoted himself to electrochemical characterization in his master's project. He is now working in subproject D03 as one of our graduate students and is ready to take on any challenge - always with the goal of determining the electrochemical properties of materials as quickly as possible. To this end, he investigates aspects of the corrosion behavior of SFB microsamples.

But Ingmar also sees making the principles of science and technology tangible to others as a great addition to his research. Several times he has already been in our profile class at school in colored states and has been able to inspire students there for electrochemistry.

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Mareike Picklum und Ingmar Bösing forschen im SFB "Farbige Zustände"
Mareike Picklum und Ingmar Bösing forschen im SFB "Farbige Zustände"