Epidemiology, M.Sc.

Welcome to the homepage of the master’s program “M.Sc. Epidemiology” in Faculty 11 Human- and Health Sciences at the University of Bremen!

The University of Bremen has been offering the four-semester postgraduate program Epidemiology which awards the degree Master of Science (M.Sc.) since winter semester 2014/15.

Language requirements

M.Sc. Epidemiology is a German-speaking study program. Therefore the prerequisite for enrollment is that you can prove sufficient knowledge of German, at least at C1 level. Accepted German language certificates are published on the internet.

A further admission requirement is a language certificate evidencing English competence at the level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Contact person

Ulrike Meyerdierks
Visiting address: Grazer Str. 2/ room 0310, 28359 Bremen
post address: Universität Bremen, Fachbereich 11, POB 33 04 40, 28344 Bremen
Telefon: +49-421-218-68502 (Tuesday until Friday)

Student counseling

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Bolte
Phone: +49-421-218-68820

Prof. Dr. Hajo Zeeb
Phone: +49-421-218-68820

Information about the study program

Internet pages containing information on the M.Sc. program:

  • Datenbank Studium - contains the Examination Regulations for M.Sc. Epidemiology under Formalia & Ordnungsmittel
  • Master's Portal contains the Admission Regulations and a list of FAQs in which general questions regarding applications for admission to the master’s program M.Sc. Epidemiology are answered
  • Course Catalog on the homepage of the University of Bremen

Objectives / Profile of the master’s study program Epidemiology (M.Sc.)

Grounded in the theory and practice of epidemiology as an interdisciplinary science, students on the program acquire advanced insights into epidemiological statistical research methods, skill sets in respect of independent planning and developing research projects, the ability to critically evaluate epidemiological studies and application know-how and competences in the epidemiological analysis of health problem issues, including risk communication.
The program is delivered in close collaboration with other teaching and research institutions specialized in epidemiology in the federal state of Bremen.

Recommended Prior Competences/ Target Groups/ Study Prerequisites:

The master’s program addresses students with strong numerical skills, who wish to pursue an academic career orientation in the health sector.

  • Interest in advancing already strong numerical skills
  • Academic career orientation in the area of public health research & fields of application.

Admission Requirements for the Master’s Program in Epidemiology are:

a. An undergraduate degree awarded in one of the following programs:

  • Public Health
  • Human Medicine
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Biology
  • Mathematics

- or a degree course that exhibit no major differences in curriculum, scope or requirements with those listed above and which carries at least 180 Credit Points (CPs) according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) or achievements that exhibit no major differences in content, scope or requirements with those listed above.

b. Evidence of having earned at least 12 CP in “Quantitative Methods” (e.g. in the areas of Epidemiology, Mathematics, Statistics, empirical social research).

c. Command of English corresponding to level B2

d. A Letter of Motivation giving reasons for your special interest in studying epidemiology with reference to a current epidemiological topic.

e. Applicants must have completed undergraduate studies on bachelor’s level in order to be considered for admission to a master’s program.

The completed application must be filed online by July 15. You can find a link to Online Applications and further information (FAQs) as well as persons to contact concerning applications (Master’s Team at the Registration Office for International Students) in the Master’s Portal of the University of Bremen. Please note: The portal for online applications is only opened about two months before the closing date for applications. The University of Bremen does not accept multiple applications for masters’ programs. If you do submit more than one application, only the last one to be submitted before the deadline will be treated as a valid application.
Do not send the (signed) application form together with the documents specified in the Enrollment Regulations for the study program to the address on the form until you have received Notice of Admission that requests you to do so.

Address any questions you may still have directly to the Master’s Team at the Registration Office for International Students
masterprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de – phone: +49 421 218 61002       

Incoming students can only apply for admission for the winter semester.

Applications under https://www.uni-bremen.de/en/master.html

Closing date for applications for the winter semester is July 15 and for the summer semester (only advanced students) January 15.


Letters of Acceptance and Letters of Refusal are not sent out until all admission requirements have been met: This is usually around the end of August.
The acceptance period (payment deadline) for master’s programs is three weeks as of date of Letter of Acceptance. Payment of the semester fee is tantamount to accepting the offer of a study place.

The program is strongly research oriented and has a modular structure.

1st semester

In the first semester, all students on the four postgraduate programs M.A. Public Health - Health promotion and Prevention, M.A. Public Health - Health Provision, Economics, and Management, M.Sc. Community and Family Health Nursing and M.Sc. Epidemiology study the introductory module “Methods of Problem Oriented Learning”; two modules in which they deepen their knowledge in Epidemiology and Public Health; topic search for the research project in the following semesters.

2nd and 3rd semester

Epidemiological and statistical methods, special epidemiological thematic fields, in the frame of a project module, investigation of a research question in small groups; possibility to choose a lecture course from the other masters’ programs or summer schools etc.

4rth semester

Master’s thesis with support seminar

Study Schedule

Studienverlauf M.Sc. Epidemiologie up to commencement of tuition winter semester 2016/2017

Study Foci/Specializations

The master’s degree qualifies students to take up doctoral studies.

Tuition Times/Compatibility

The two-year program M.Sc. Epidemiology is designed to be a full-time course of studies. It is not possible to comply with the program requirements parallel to pursuing full-time professional occupation since apart from attending lecture courses students have many other commitments, especially in the frame of student team work. And in addition to students’ own activities, the program entails an average of 12 semester hours per week.

The program trains students for positions in public health and epidemiological research fields as well as certain fields of application (e.g. health reporting). Graduates are interesting recruitment potential for university and non-university research institutes, public sector employers and research-oriented industrial enterprises, as well as for national and international organizations (e.g. WHO), for whom epidemiological skill sets are of central importance.

Members of the teaching faculty of the University of Bremen (above all Institute for Public Health and Nursing Research, SOCIUM Research Center for Inequality and Social Policy) and the Leibniz Institute for Epidemiology and Prevention Research (BIPS) in close collaboration with other institutions in Bremen specialized in epidemiological education and research.

A current overview of all contacts can be found on the German version of this website. 

You can find current module descriptions (Modulhandbücher or -beschreibungen), study schedules (Studienverlaufspläne) and other course-specific information on the German version of this site.


Hinweise Module


Modulbeschreibung (module descriptions)


Studienverlaufsplan (study schedules)

Zugangsvoraussetzungen (Bewerbung zur Aufnahme in den Masterstudiengang Epidemiologie)