Academic advisory office

Welcome to the homepage of the academic advisory office FB 11 at the University of Bremen!

The academic advisory office (Studienzentrum) at the department 11 is the contact point for prospective and registered students seeking information and consultation on any and all matters surrounding their studies.

The academic advisory office provides information and individual consultation on

  • choice of study program, program orientation and organization of studies
  • the Faculty’s course offerings
  • how to cope with program requirements
  • program and examination regulations
  • change of university
  • financing studies
  • questions surrounding the thesis – deadlines, requirements etc.
  • master’s programs and doctoral studies

At the same time, the Studienzentrum acts as a clearing center, putting students in touch with the right persons to talk to in all sorts of matters:

  • Who can help in special situations?
  • Who should I contact when arranging things?
  • What things must be applied for and in which form? 

You will find a list of all the central consultation and service facilities on the University homepage. 


Britta Schowe

Grazer Str. 2 0170

Phone: +49-421-218-68506

Consultation times by arrangement

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