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A student in the lecture hall.

The faculty 2 Biology/ Chemistry sees itself as a research center for both basic as well as applied research in the areas of Biology and Chemistry. Our study programs are research oriented and specialize in developing the key competences students require for future university and non-university career fields.

How to find us

Faculty 2 of the University of Bremen is (for the most part) located in the building
NW2, blocks A/B and C, in Leobener Straße.

Getting here

Campus map

General mask obligation in NW2 A + B + C

From now on you are obliged to wear masks in the building NW2 A + B + C. The mask obligation applies in all public areas of the buildings, such as corridors, staircases, toilets. 

As soon as you reach your destination (event room, office, laboratory, etc.), the rules of the local hygiene concept apply.

Faculty Adminstration working from home office (October 18, 2020)

Due to the increased number of Corona cases, the FB2 administration is again working in two teams, of which only one is always available in the administration pavilion in presence and the other in the home office.

Please do not come to the Administrative Pavilion unannounced and if possible ask your questions in writing or by telephone.


Walkways during the Corona Pandemic

Corona Update

Extended mask obligation (October 21, 2020)

As the number of COVID-19 infections is rising and far more people will be on the university campus for the start of the winter semester, it is necessary that the regulation concerning the obligatory wearing of masks be expanded.

Alongside the current regulation that masks (no plastic visors or similar) be worn in all areas of movement (entryways, exits, hallways, elevators, etc.), in sanitary facilities, or waiting rooms in university buildings, masks must now also be worn in all outside areas of the university.

You must wear a mask in classes until you have reached your seat.



Distancing, Hand Hygiene, Mouth-Nose Coverings + Ventilation

Study & Research & further offers

Studierende sitzen vor dem Eingang der Bibliothek.

Bachelor programmes

International master's programmes of the Faculty 2 Biology/ Chemistry

International master's programme in cooperation with the Faculty 5 Geosciences

International master's programme in cooperation with the Faculties 1-5

Eine Gruppe von Kleinkindern mit bunten Jacken und Rucksäcken.
Training Centre for Laboratory Assistants
Training Centre for Laboratory Assistants



RESBIOS - new project under Horizon 2020 programme

The activities within the project will result in institutional changes in five key areas of RRI, e.g. social engagement, education, gender equality, open access, ethics.

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Home countries of the master students
© Universität Bremen

Master Welcome Event

Freshers of all international master programs in the Faculty 2 Biology/ Chemistry 2 were given a warm welcome on Wednesday, October 9, 2019.

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ICYMARE 24.-27.09.2019 in Bremen

From 24 to 27 September 2019, the University of Bremen is hosting the first ICYMARE - International Conference for Young MArine REsearchers. The new international conference will bring together up to 300 participants and is a great opportunity to hear about as well as to discuss the latest research

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[Translate to English:] Foto Giglio Island (Italien)
© Universität Bremen

Marine Biology Excursion to Giglio Island (Italy) in August/ September 2019

Students from Bremen University join an excursion to Isola del Giglio, Italy, to study the marine ecology of the Mediterranean. Read the daily posts written by the participants of the course!

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Visitors at the faculty's stand
© M. Bockhacker/ Uni Bremen

Open Campus 2019

Considerable interest in Biology and Chemistry

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Studierende mit Kindern| Beschäftigte mit Kindern|

First researcher, then mother - and what happens afterwards?

Special offer on the occasion of the International Women's Day on 8th March 2019: Exchange of experiences at the university for mothers (and fathers), organized by the team members of Starbios

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