Since 1994, the Geochemistry & Hydrogeology department has been offering transfer and consulting services for specialist authorities, engineering offices and other environmental geology institutions in the field of environmental impact of construction products in civil engineering and groundwater and soil protection.

The work is carried out by employees from various technical and scientific disciplines and can draw on a modern analysis laboratory, using state-of-the-art methods and technology. As the issues to be dealt with are often interdisciplinary, work is often carried out with cooperation partners or as a partner. The cooperation partners come from industry, science and, in particular, specialist authorities.

The consulting and cooperation projects focus on recording and parameterizing hydrogeological and chemical processes that determine the transport behaviour of pollutants and nutrients. This forms the basis for modeling and describing the dispersion of substances in the environment.The evaluation of products or calculated environmental scenarios according to nationally and internationally recognized criteria is part of the department's standard.The department itself has contributed to the current implementation of groundwater protection and the technical references to soil protection and product guidelines, as far as groundwater protection is concerned, by organizing the exchange of expertise between the federal and state governments of the Federal Republic of Germany on issues of water supply and groundwater protection.


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