Shimadzu TOC-V CPN Analyzer

With the Analyser TOC-V CPN from Shimadzu, the total dissolved organic carbon is analysed in liquid samples. The inorganic carbon is removed from the sample by acidifying the sample below a pH of 4 and removing the volatile CO2 with an inert gas. The organic carbon is then techniqually determined as NPOC (non-purgeable organic carbon) because volatile organic compounds can be removed with the inert gas in the previous step. The sample is then injected into an oven at 680 °C where the carbon is burned to CO2 which is subsequently detected with a non-dispersive IR-Detector. DOC values can be determined by this method in the low mg/L range.

Technische Daten:

Oven                               Variabele between 0 and 1000°C

Detector                        Range between 0 and 1000 mg/L C

Carrier gas flow          150 mL/min

Carrier gas                    Synthetic Air

6-way valve                  Mixing chamber

Software                       TOC-Control V Version 1.05.00

Shimadzu TOC-V Anaylzer mit angeschlossenem ASI-V Autosampler