Metrohm 883 Basic IC Plus

The major anions in water samples are routinely measured with the Metrohm 883 Basic IC plus. Fluoride, chloride, bromide, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and sulfate are separated with a mobile phase (3.2 mmol/L Na2CO3 and 1.0 mmol/L NaHCO3) across a Metroselp A Supp 5 anion exchange column. The detection is based on a conductivity measurement. The system uses an ion suppressor for the reduction of the baseline and an increase in the sensitivity.

Spektrum einer Ionenchromatographie mit Signalhöher (y-Achse) aufgetragen gegenüber der Rententionszeit (x-Achse). Auf einen kleinen Fluoridpeak folgt ein hoher Chloridpeak, dann ein kleiner Systempeak, dann ein mittelhoher Nitratpeak und zuletzt ein Sulfatpeak.
    IC von Metrohm

    Conductivity measuring system:

    •     Microprocessor-controlled digital signal processing (DSP technology).
    •     Detector with 6 sample chromatograms.
    •     Measuring range 0...15000 μS/cm, without range switching
    •     Noise < 0.1 nS at 1 μS/cm
    •     Deviations from linearity < 0.1 %; for conductivity values greater than 16 μS/cm (typical for analyses with MSM)
    •     Drift < 0.2 nS/cm per hour
    •     Measuring rate 10 measurements per second for optimum results without filtering
    •     Resolution 0.0047 nS/cm
    •     Baseline noise < 0.2 nS/cm

    Technical data:

    •     Metal-free IC system
    •     Operating pressure range:

                   0...50 MPa (500 bar) High pressure pump
                   0...35 MPa (350 bar) Standard PEEK system

    •     Components:

                   iPump, iDetector, iColumn, MagIC Net

    •     Reproducibility of the eluent flow < 0.1 % deviation