The aim of teaching in the field of geochemistry and hydrogeology is to provide an education that prepares students for work in both the paractical and scientific fields. Graduates of our subject area can work in public administration, engineering offices, mining and oil companies as well as in science. One contribution to this goal is interdisciplinary cooperation within science and with partners from industry. The Geological Service for Bremen (GDfB) plays a special role here, supervising many Bachelor's and Master's theses together with the Department of Geochemistry and Hydrogeology and other departments of the faculty and also participating in teaching.

A good education in geochemistry and hydrogeology requires a solid basic understanding of geology and mathematics. This is why the training in Bremen is integrated into the general geology course. This means that modules can be selected in the Bachelor's and Master's degree courses that allow the desired specialization.

Courses by Prof. Dr. Thomas Pichler

Courses by Dr. Kay Hamer

Geochemie und Hydrogeologie in Bacherlor- und Masterstudiengängen

Eine Übersicht über Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten, sowie geowissenschaftlliche Projektübungen, die im Fachgebiet zwischen 2008 und 2014 betreut wurden, finden Sie hier.

Darüber hinaus hat sich aus dem Fachgebiet eine vertraglich vereinbarte Kooperation mit der Universität Bologna entwickelt, die zur gemeinsamen Betreuung von Projekt- und Masterarbeiten geführt hat. Das bilaterale Abkommen zwischen den Universitäten Bremen und Bologna ermöglicht es, Dozenten und Studenten, Förderanträge im ERASMUS-Programm zu stellen.