Microsystems Center Bremen

The Microsystems Center Bremen (MCB) is an amalgamation of two institutes in the field of electrical engineering at the University of Bremen, one of which is IMSAS. MCB acts as a liaison between university and industrial research. The centralization of the core competences and infrastructures of the two participating institutes has lead to efficient project work and offers a significant advantage to external partners and customers. 



The goal of MAPEX is the system-oriented research and development of materials and processes for sustainable transport and energy applications. Our research encompasses the fields of natural and engineering sciences as well as mathematics, aiming at a thorough understanding of the process-properties-performance relationships in materials.

MAPEX merges the know-how of 1200 scientific and technical staff, 460 of which are doctoral candidates. Its 58 Principal Investigators and 29 Early Career Investigators are affiliated to five different university faculties and four external research institutes on the university campus.


microFAB Service GmbH

MicroFAB Service GmbH provides quick, reliable, and uncomplicated access to micro system technologies. The path from idea to finished product within the domain of small and medium quantities is made possible through a closed chain which spans all aspects from the design of wafer processing to the packaging of the micro system. 


Protron MikrotechnikGmbH

Protron Mikrotechnik GmbHoffers technology-consulting, design, and construction services as well as the development and fabrication of micro technical components and systems. In addition to standard methods in micro technologies, their core strengths lie in mask design, silicon deep reactive ion etching, and micro-moulding.   


NB Technologies GmbH

NB Technologies GmbH (NBT) offers engineering for semiconductor, microsystem technology and solar cell manufacture. Typical services deal with single processing, total solutions or systems or customized projects. Major fields of expertise are micro plating technology, polymer processing and thin foils, screen printing, injection moulding, CAD and tool manufacture. As a service, NBT offers contract electroplating, wafer processing, prototyping, high resolution analytical microscopy (FIB/REM, TEM) or specialized machine shop service. The product portfolio comprises standard and specialized plating baths and etching solutions, lab tool and accessories for plating and wet chemical etching (suncup®), distortion-free screens (sunstence® uni) for high resolution multi-layer and precision printing. 



Smarte Maschinenbauteile für Informationen ab Tag eins. 

Wir realisieren Industrie 4.0 für traditionelle Industrien. 


HELLA  Fahrzeugkomponenten GmbH Bremen (HFK)

HELLA is a global, family-owned company listed on the stock exchange that has a rich history spanning over 100 years. We develop and manufacture lighting technology and electronic products for the automobile industry and have one of the largest retail organizations for vehicle parts and accessories in Europe. 


IVAM Microtechnology Network

The IVAM Microtechnology Network is an independent, private non-profit organisation that acts as a forum for its members as well as for other companies, organisations, and persons. It aims at establishing micro system technologies in industry. 


ISIS Integrated Solutions in Sensorial Structure Engineering 

Technical components with the ability to gather data about their own state and their environment are extremely flexible in application. Their introduction and further development is currently motivated by fields like structural health monitoring (SHM), where first steps were taken by the construction industry to establish a continuous survey of bridges. New approaches in the aerospace and wind energy industry promise drastically reduced maintenance costs via concepts like “maintenance on demand”. Fatigue is a common issue in such cases, while for fibre reinforced composites, detection and evaluation of impact damage is added. To identify strength and location of impact events and to determine the remaining structural strength of the affected component in as little time as possible are major challenges in this respect. The level of interest is stressed by the fact that carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP) are currently introduced to commercial airplane design on a hitherto unknown level, replacing e. g. aluminium fuselage structures. 


AMA- Professional Association for Sensors and Measurement

AMA is the first contact for sensor and measuring technology and provides a comprehensive overview of sensors, measuring, and testing technology in its detailed industry directory. The Association cultivates an innovation dialog at the leading trade fair SENSOR+TEST, at community stands of major fairs worldwide, and at the Sensor and Measurement Science International (SMSI). AMA also offers technology seminars and theme days focusing on topics in the area of sensor and measuring technology.


UBC - Uni Bremen Campus GmbH (Andreas Sackmann)

Die Uni Bremen Campus GmbH (UBC) bietet für die WisseschaflterInnen der Universitäten und Hochschulen den rechtlichen Rahmen für die Abwicklung von Dienstleistungsaufträgen für die Industrie. In diesem professionaellen Umfeld können WissenschaftlerInnen ihre Produckte und Diesntleistungen interessierten Unternehmen anbieten, in dem sie selbständige Projekte unteer dem Dach der UBC GmbH in Proficentern durchführen. Damit schafft UBC optimale Voraussetzungen, um einen reibungslosen und schnellen Projektablauf zu gewährleisten.

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