Baufeuchte - Dehumidifying buildings and material after water damage


Different sensor technologies for measuring the moisture content in building materials will be evaluated, developed and tested. Sensor information will be used to monitor drying equipment after water-induced damages.


Project description:

Flooding repairs usually take several weeks and require large amounts of energy. Multiple checks by a technician might be necessary to determine when a sufficient drying state is achieved and the equipment can be switched off.

The proposed cloud-based solution will receive data about the current state of the process by wireless cellular network communication. Additionally to surface measurements, it is necessary to capture the moisture content inside the building material of the damaged wall or floor. The accuracy of the humidity measurement will be enhanced by combining different sensor technologies. The cloud will inform the drying company in case any unexpected changes take place, and of course once the process is completed.


The system will be tested in cooperation with industrial partners:

Bronzel GmbH, Siek, manufacturer of drying equipment and services.

Haensel AMS GmbH in Berlin optimises control software using “Bid Data”.

Narrowband, LTE and Lora wireless technologies are implemented by Lobaro GmbH for remote measurement.

The project is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy from January 2019 to June 2021.



Dr.-Ing. Reiner Jedermann

IMSAS, NW1, Room O-2130
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