In-Network-Data Analysis of Spatially Distributed Quantities

Goals and motivation

With the use of wireless sensor networks, it is now feasible to measure the spatial distribution of physical quantities in high resolution. Example applications include temperature monitoring inside a reefer container carrying food products or measurement of harmful chemicals in a lake after an accident.

The sensor nodes’ battery has to survive for several months or even years. The energy consumption has to be reduced as much as possible. Especially the amount of data wirelessly transmitted has to be limited. 

The end user is mostly interested in a useful interpretation of the data or a model based description of the spatial distribution. This can be a list of locations, height and width of regions with extreme values, such as the hot-spots in a temperature profile or the location of sources of disturbances.

Different models, e.g. from image processing and geo-statistics will be compared to find the best performance solution. 

Model parameters will be calculated directly on the sensor nodes. 

The goal is to reduce the communication volume by In-Network-Processing in two ways: 

·        First, the external communication only consists of the estimated model parameters instead of full sensor records.

·        And second – being the major focus of the project – the communication between neighboring sensors should also be reduced during the parameter estimation process. The data exchange between neighbors should mostly consist only of parameters and compressed information.



The project is sponsored by the German Research Foundation (DFG) for two years (2015/16) with 2 Post-Doc positions. Research is carried out in cooperation with the Institute for Microsensors, -actuators and -systems (IMSAS) and the Department of Communications Engineering (ANT), both at the University Bremen.



Dr.-Ing. Reiner Jedermann

Institute for Microsensors, -actors and –systems (IMSAS) 

 rjedermannprotect me ?!imsas.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de  


Dr.-Ing. Henning Paul

Department of Communications Engineering (ANT)         paulprotect me ?!ant.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de   

Further project information is currently available in German only.  Projekt Flyer 


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