Samia Mohammed


Samia Mohammed

Samia Mohammed studied Political Science and Literature in the Bachelor's program and Political Science in the Master's program with stays in Bordeaux and Frankfurt/M. at Bielefeld University and graduated in May 2022 with a thesis on the Socialist Planned Economy Debate. Her research interests lie particularly in the areas of c/critical theory, feminist theory, democratic theory, political economy, and freedom theory.

In the interdisciplinary DFG Research Training Group Contradiction Studies at the University of Bremen, she has been working on contradiction together with the other members of the group since June 2022. In her dissertation project, which is situated within this framework, she focuses on a systematic thinking together of contradiction and freedom in order to propose an update of a critical-theoretical concept of freedom on this basis.


2019 - today | Collaboration in the feminist collective Naturtrüb e.V.: Joint publication of a magazine for text and drawing; political and cultural events; organization of readings and lectures.

July 2022 | Participation in Summer School of Kritische Theorie in Berlin on "Politics of Needs

2019 - 2022 | Participation in the student parliament and the equal opportunities commission of Bielefeld University

2016 - 2022 | Tutor & student assistant at the Faculty of Sociology, AB 4 Politics and Society at Bielefeld University

2019 - 2022 | MA Political Science at Bielefeld University (with residency at Goethe-Uni Frankfurt/M.). Master thesis: "The Planned Economy Debate between Nature Domination and the Promise of Liberation. Democracy and human-nature relations in socialist conceptions of the future".

2015 - 2019 | BA Political Science, Literary Studies at Bielefeld University (with residency at SciencesPo Bordeaux). Bachelor thesis: "What Culture Is Not. Ethnopluralism, Cultural Relativism and the Concept of Cultural Appropriation. An analysis of cultural concepts of right-wing and left-wing political discourses"

Arnold, Clara/Flügel-Martinsen, Oliver/Mohammed, Samia/Vasilache, Andreas (2020) (Hrsg.): Kritik in der Krise. Perspektiven politischer Theorie auf die Corona-Pandemie. Baden-Baden: Nomos. Online verfügbar:

Mohammed, Samia (2020): „Verletzliche Freiheit? Zur Kritik neoliberaler Freiheitsverständnisse in der Corona-Krise“, in: Arnold et al. (Hrsg.), Kritik in der Krise. Baden-Baden: Nomos, S. 33-47.

Arnold, Clara/Mohammed, Samia (2020): „Einleitung: Kritisches Denken als gemeinsame Praxis“, in: Arnold et al. (Hrsg.), Kritik in der Krise. Baden-Baden: Nomos, S. 7-13.

May 2022 | Lecture and discussion on "The Planned Economy Debate" with the collective  „Possible Worlds“