• Book: Philosophical Polemics, School Reform and Nation-Building in Uruguay, 1868-1915Reforma Vareliana and Batllismo from a Transnational PerspectiveJens R. Hentschke
  • Hiermit möchten wir auf den neuen Blog des Red Latinoamericana de Historia Global aufmerksam machen, der zahlreiche Informationen zu neuen Forschungsarbeiten, anstehenden Konferenzen sowie Institutionen und Zeitschriften zu Lateinamerika in globaler Perspektive zusammenführt.

Conference “After Slavery: Comparing the Caribbean and Africa” at the Leibniz Universität Hannover (21-24th November 2013)

Guests are cordially invited to this international conference.

The program is available here.

Second meeting of the working group “Latin American History in Global Perspective” in Berlin, 24-26th January 2013

At its second meeting, the working group “Latin American History in Global Perspective” will deal with the role of experts in the modernization efforts of Latin American states in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The production of expert knowledge took place in transnational settings characterized by power asymmetries, different national academic traditions, political circumstances and multiple histories of professionalization. Latin American societies were not mere receptors of North American and European expertise. Latin American experts actively took part in transnational transfers of knowledge and external expertise was always subject to complex adaptations in local contexts.

The working group’s second meeting will be held on 24-26 January 2013 at the Freie University Berlin, Institute for Latin American Studies. It will bring together the contributions by its members to the theme “Expert Knowledge in Latin American History. Local, Transnational and Global Perspectives (Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries)”. Furthermore we encourage the participation of historians of Latin America and other world regions whose research projects focus on expert knowledge.

The schedule is here available.