Master of Education - Inclusive Education

By resolution dated 13.12.2016 and in accordance with the general part of the Master Examination Regulations of the University of Bremen dated July 13, 2005, the responsible examination committee set an expiry deadline for the former structure of studies.

The program will be closed on 30.09.2018. The subject-specific examination regulations cease to be valid at the end of this day, and it will therefore no longer be possible to take examinations after this date.

The closure of the program gives rise to the following deadlines:

until 10.01.2018 Registration of the last examination results

until 15.03.2018 Registration for the Master thesis

The deadlines are binding for all enrolled students. This also applies if, for instance, you are in a vacation semester. In SuSe 2018 only repeat examinations are possible!

The “application for admission to the final thesis” must be submitted in time, even if the admission requirements have not yet been met.

You can seek advice from the Center for Teacher Education and the Study Centers.

Unless specified otherwise in the examination schedule, the following registration and deregistration dates apply


 Winter SemesterSummer Semester


10.12. - - 30.06


10.12. - - 30.06


Please note that the examination schedule is subject to amendment. Please keep yourself regularly informed.

If you cannot log in or out via PABO, it could be due to the following points:

- Module results are still pending from the Faculties (please contact the module leader)

  • You have already passed the module (please check in PABO)
  • The registration and deregistration phases differ (see examination schedule)
  • You are not enrolled for the degree program

If registration is still not possible, then please contact the respective Administrative Office the Central Examination Office immediately.

In case of technical problems within the PABO portal contact us immediately and still during the registration phase via this form.

Master Board of Examiners

  • Prof. Dr. Robert Baar (chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. Natascha Korff (vice chairwoman)
  • Dr. Heike Hegemann-Fonger (research assistant)
  • Michael Dawes (student representative)

Contact Person in the ZPA

Administrative Office Faculty 12

  • Daniel Rynas
  • Danuta Warywocka
  • Wioletta Djurkovic
  • Elzbieta Makiela

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