Graduate courses

Master courses in business psychology

The course is tailored to students with a bachelor degree in business studies and provides an introduction to psychology with a focus on topics and approaches relevant to business psychology. Focal areas include general psychology (learning and motivation), personality psychology and social psychology. The course is offered regularly in the winter semester.


This course delves into the discipline of social psychology. Students critically reflect scientific findings from fundamental research with regard to their relevance for organizations and applicability in working life. The main focus is on the social dynamics within and between groups. The course is offered regularly in the winter semester.


The seminar offers an introduction to the field of occupational health psychology. After collaboratively establishing the theoretical foundations, students work on specialized topics individually and in groups, thus acquiring in-depth knowledge in the field of work, stress and health. Emphasis is placed on the transfer of scientific findings for the practice of workplace health promotion. The course is offered regularly in the summer semester.