Undergraduate and Master theses in Business Psychology/Social Psychology

If you would like to write your thesis in the field of business psychology / social psychology, please send your request to Katharina Klug. The thesis should include an empirical research project and thematically fit with the research and teaching focus of the working group for business psychology/social psychology. Relevant topic areas include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Work design, stress and health
  • Precarious employment, job insecurity, financial stress
  • Leadershi, self-leadership and health
  • Atypical employment and new forms of work
  • Flexibilization of the world of work
  • Zoom fatigue in videoconferences

In the future, this page will also be used to advertise specific topics for which you can apply. You can write your thesis in German or English.

A person using their laptop to work from home.