Working group for Business Psychology with a focus on Social Psychology


Appointed to the Editorial Board

Katharina Klug is now Section Editor for the journal „Applied Psychology: An International Review“

New publication in the Journal of Vocational Behavior

„Active learning, active shaping, or both? A cross-lagged panel analysis of reciprocal ef-fects between work design and informal workplace learning, and the mediating role of job crafting“

New publication in the Journal of Research on Adolescence

Mauno et al.: „Profiles of early career insecurity and its outcomes in adolescence: A four-wave longitudinal study“

New publication in Frontiers in Psychology

„Organizational health climate as a precondition for health-oriented leadership: expanding the link between leadership and employee well-being “

New publication in the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology

„Which way of learning benefits your career? The role of different forms of work-related learning for different types of perceived employability“

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Research stay at the Centre for Transformative Work Design

Visiting Curtin University Perth


New research project

"CovStress – Long-term consequences of corona-related employment disruptions for economic stress, health and quality of life"

New publication in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

„Does Self-Care Make You a Better Leader? A Multisource Study Linking Leader Self-Care to Health-Oriented Leadership, Employee Self-Care, and Health“

New publication in Frontiers in Psychology

„When Your Boss Is Under Pressure: On the Relationships Between Leadership Inconsistency, Leader and Follower Strain“

Panorama-Aufnahme von Stockholm

Seminar talk at Stockholm University

"From paycheck to paycheck: The nature of economic vulnerability and its consequences for employee well-being"

People and topics

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Dr. Katharina Klug

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The changing world of work

How does societal change affect careers, work behavior and well-being? One focal research area centers on topics such as job insecurity or the effects of flexibility in working times and locations.

Zwei Personen im Gespräch an einem Bürotisch.

Leadership and well-being

Supervisors have a considerable influence on their employees' well-being. One focal research area centers on how leaders affect their employees and what constitutes healthy leadershiip.

Diverse students in conversation.

Social psychology and working life

What do we know about interactions within and between groups? How do social relationships influence human behavior? Social psychology, a focus area in teaching, addresses these kinds of questions.