Notification of illness

If you are unable to take part in an examination for health reasons, please submit the form "Withdrawal from a final examination due to illness" together with a medical attestation (e.g. certificate of incapacity for work, AU for short) to the ZPA or the examination office responsible for you in faculties 1 - 5 without delay. The medical attestation that you submit to us does not have to show a diagnosis.
Please note that even after the introduction of the eAU, it will still be necessary to submit originals, copies or scans of medical attestations (certificates of incapacity for work, doctor's notes, etc.) to us. It is not possible for the examination offices to retrieve the eAU via your health insurance.
You can send the documents to us by post or drop them in our letterbox.
You can find the form on the homepage under Forms. The same applies if a child or close relative is ill. Corresponding proof must be submitted immediately.