Forschung Wöhrle

Example: Phthalocyanines absorbing in the visible and NIR region

Potential applications: Organic solar cells (for smart windows), NIR sensors.

Example: Shift of HOMO/LUMO levels by in creasing the number of fluorine substituents

Application: p- and n- conductors in organic solar cells.

Potential applications: catalysis, photocatalysis; waste water cleaning

Example: Organic solid solar cells and photosensibilisation cells.

Applications: Solar energy conversion.

Example: Photoinactivation of microorganisms by water soluble phthalocyanines.

Example: Visible light and solar light photocatalysis

Applications: Waste water cleaning and synthesis of fine chemicals

  • Dyes and metal complexes in molecular sieves: Optical properties, mikro-lasers.
  • Photodynamic therapy of cancer: Naphthalocyanines as long wavelength absorbing sensitizers.
  • Thin films of molecular organic semiconductors: Conductivity, photoconductivity.
  • Gensensors.
  • Mesogenic diepoxides.