Lara Watermann steht vor einer Präsentation und redet.

Human-AI Teams in a Mars Habitat: The Influence of the Perception of an AI as a Team Member or Tool on Trust and Affect

Lara Watermann, Ksenia Appelganc, Paul Große Maestrup, Saurabh Band, Anna Förster, Christiane Heinicke, Vera Hagemann

AOWI-conference of the German Psychological Society (2023)

The AOWI-conference of the German Psychological Society took place in Kassel from 12th to 15th September, 2023. The…


Integration of a Photobioreactor into the MaMBA Facility as Part of a Human-centered Life Support System

Paul Große Maestrup, Ksenia Appelganc, Saurabh Band, Florian Stechmann, Vera Hagemann, Anna Förster, Cyprien Verseux, Christiane Heinicke

52nd International Conference on Environmental Systems (2023)



Assessment of the technological viability of photoelectrochemical devices for oxygen and fuel production on Moon and Mars

Byron Ross, Sophia Haussener, Katharina Brinkert 

Nature communications  14 (2023), 3141


Human deep space exploration is presented with multiple challenges, such as the reliable, efficient and sustainable operation of life support systems. The…

Two female scientists work in front of a computer

Communication quality affects performance of astronauts and support teams through increased workload: Insights from the AMADEE-20 analog Mars mission

Vera HagemannLara Watermann, Florian Klonek, Christiane Heinicke 

Acta Astronautica  210 (2023), 162-175

doi:, preprint available open access

Astronaut crews and ground control support teams are highly…

Dry adhesive

Dry-Adhesive Microstructures for Material Handling of Additively Manufactured and Deep-Rolled Metal Surfaces with Reference to Mars

Nicole Mensching, Mirja Louisa Krüger, Askar Kvaratskheliya, Daniel Meyer, Kirsten Tracht, Ilya Okulov, Lutz Mädler

Materials  16 (2023), 4170.

doi:, preprint available open access: doi:

Once on Mars,…

System analysis of an ISRU production plant: Extraction of metals and oxygen from lunar regolith

Francisco J. Guerrero-Gonzalez, Paul Zabel 

Acta Astronautica 203 (2023), 187-201

doi: 10.1016/j.actaastro.2022.11.050​​​​​​​

A study was conducted to compare the performance of three different ISRU production plants that extract metals and oxygen from regolith at the lunar South Pole. The…


Designing mixed-metal electrocatalyst systems for photoelectrochemical dinitrogen activation

Manpreet Kaur, Marc Walker, Steven Hindmarsh, Charlotte Bolt, Stephen York, Yisong Han, Martin R. Lees and Katharina Brinkert

Faraday Discussions Advance Article (2023)

doi: 10.1039/D2FD00157H, preprint available open access: doi: 10.48550/arXiv.2305.06877

Efficient artificial photosynthesis…

Aware information

Forward-Aware Information Bottleneck-Based Vector Quantization: Multiterminal Extensions for Parallel and Successive Retrieval

Shayan Hassanpour, Dirk Wübben, Armin Dekorsy

IEEE Transactions on Communications  99 (2021)

doi: 10.1109/TCOMM.2021.3097142

Consider the following setup: Through a joint design, multiple observations of a remote data source shall be locally compressed before getting transmitted via several…

Human habitat

Human habitats: prospects for infrastructure supporting astronomy from the Moon

Christian Heinicke and Bernard Foing

Philosophical Transactions A 379 (2021), 2188

doi: 10.1098/rsta.2019.0568

There is strong interest in lunar exploration from governmental space agencies, private companies and the public. NASA is about to send humans to the lunar surface again within the next…

Martian Landscape

A vision for Human Mars Exploration made in Bremen

M. Avila, C. Heinicke, L. Colombi Ciacchi, A. Dekorsy, S. Fehrler, K. Rezwan, N. Sieroka, K. Tracht, C. Verseux

44th COSPAR Scientific Assembly. Held 16-24 July, 2022. Online at Abstract PEX.2-0002-22.

Bibcode: 2022cosp...44.3186A

Leading space agencies have the…

Martian Landscape

Setting the ground for sustainable bioproduction in a Martian settlement

Cyprien Verseux, Tiago P. Ramalho, Jess Bunchek, Daniel Schubert, Guillaume Pillot, Sven Kerzenmacher

44th COSPAR Scientific Assembly. Held 16-24 July, 2022. Online at Abstract F4.1-0012-22.

Bibcode: 2022cosp...44.2840V

To be sustainable, a settlement on Mars…


The GraviTower Bremen Pro - Experiences with a Next-Generation Drop Tower System

Thorben Könemann, Andreas Gierse, Peter von Kampen, Marc Avila

44th COSPAR Scientific Assembly. Held 16-24 July, 2022. Online at Abstract G0.2-0001-22.

Bibcode: 2022cosp...44.2951K

The GraviTower Bremen Pro (GTB Pro) represents ZARM's new next-generation drop…


In vivo characterization of electroactive biofilms inside porous electrodes with MR Imaging

Luca Hauser, Johannes Erben, Guillaume Pillot, Sven Kerzenmacher, Wolfgang Dreher, Ekkehard Kustermann

RSC Advances  12 (2021), 17784-17793

doi: 10.1039/d2ra01162j

Identifying the limiting processes of electroactive biofilms is key to improve the performance of bioelectrochemical systems (BES).…

Computational modeling of a ventilation concept for a lunar habitat laboratory

Maria von Einem, Rodion Groll, Christiane Heinicke

Journal of Space Safety Engineering  (2022), 145-153


Human space flight demands systems like habitats that provide a livable environment for humans on long duration missions on other planets. This…

Geometric formulation

A discrete differential geometric formulation of multiphase surface interfaces for scalable multiphysics equilibrium simulations

Stefan Christian Endres, Marc Avila, Lutz Mädler

Chemical Engineeering Science 257 (2022), 117681


Many systems in fluid dynamics and materials science are modelled using multiphase energy balances which can be reduced to an interface,…

goal conflicts

Risky Decision Making Due to Goal Conflicts in Firefighting—Debriefing as a Countermeasure to Enhance Safety Behavior

Vera Hagemann, Lena Heinemann, Corinna Peifer, Fabienne Aust, Maik Holtz

Safety Article (2022), 21


Firefighters act within extreme environments, work under threatening conditions and are often exposed to goal conflicts (e.g., self-protection vs.…


Modeling of electrochemical oxide film growth-a PDM refinement

Ingmar Bösing, Fabio La Mantia, Jorg Thöming

Electrochimica Acta 406 (2022), 139847


The Point Defect Model (PDM) is known for over 40 years and has brought deeper insight to the understanding of passivity. During the last decades it has seen…


Automation as an equal team player for humans? – A view into the field and implications for research and practice

Michèle Rieth, Vera Hagemann

Applied Ergonomics 98 (2022)


The practical reality and feasibility of Human-Autonomy Teaming (HAT) are analyzed from an experts' point of view, considering current possibilities of various fields. We aim to find out…


Optimization of growth and electrosynthesis of PolyHydroxyAlcanoates by the thermophilic bacterium Kyrpidia spormannii

Guillaume Pillot, Soniya Sunny, Victoria Comes, Sven Kerzenmacher

Faraday Discussions Advance Article (2023)

doi: preprint available open access: doi:

The electrosynthesis of valuable compounds by…


Equipping an extraterrestrial laboratory: Overview of open research questions and recommended instrumentation for the Moon

Christiane Heinicke, Solmaz Adeli, Mickael Baqué, Giuseppe Correale, Miranda Fateri, Steven Jaret, Nina Kopacz,  Jens Ormö, Lucie Poulet, Cyprien Verseux 

Advances in Space Research 68 (2021)


Humans are once again preparing to leave Earth and land on…

Disability in space: Aim high

Christiane Heinicke, Marcin Kaczmarzyk, Benjamin Tannert, Aleksander Wasniowski, Malgorzata Perycz, Johannes Schöning 

Science  372 (2021), 1271-1272


In February, the European Space Agency (ESA) announced the Parastronaut Feasibility Project (1), a…

A review of existing analog habitats and lessons for future lunar and Martian habitats

Christiane Heinicke, Marlies Arnhof 

REACH 21–22 (2021) 100038


Many space agencies have recently agreed on the Moon as the next step in human space exploration, and impressive progress is being made with regard to transportation, particularly…


A Low-Pressure, N2/CO2 Atmosphere Is Suitable for Cyanobacterium-Based Life-Support Systems on Mars

Cyprien Verseux, Christiane Heinicke, Tiago P. Ramalho, Jonathan Determann, Malte Duckhorn, Michael Smagin, Marc Avila

Frontiers in microbiology12 (2021)


The leading space agencies aim for crewed missions to Mars in the coming decades. Among the associated…

crew self organisation

Crew self-organization and group-living habits during three autonomous, long-duration Mars analog missions

Christiane Heinicke, Lucie Poulet, Jocelyn Dunn, Anne Meier 

Acta Astronautica  182 (2021)


Analog environments for simulating aspects of spaceflight are being utilized for studying the psychological effects of the projected journey to Mars. In…

Review of contact force models

A review of contact force models between nanoparticles in agglomerates, aggregates, and films

Stefan Christian Endres, Lucio Colombi Ciacchi, Lutz Mädler

Journal of Aerosol Science  153 (2021) 105719


A desire to optimise the production and performance of nanoparticle structured materials has driven the development of increasingly…

The MaMBA-concept for an extraterrestrial base and its first module mock-up

Christiane Heinicke, Leszek Orzechowski, Marc Avila

Acta Astronautica 173 (2020); 404-413


Habitats must enable astronauts to survive in an extraterrestrial environment, but the challenge is not only a technological one: architecture and…

EDEN ISS Greenhouse in Antarctica

Biomass Production of the EDEN ISS Space Greenhouse in Antarctica During the 2018 Experiment Phase

Paul Zabel, Conrad Zeidler, Vincent Vrakking, Markus Dorn, Daniel Schubert

Frontiers in Plant Science  11 (2020)

doi: 10.3389/fpls.2020.00656.

The EDEN ISS greenhouse is a space-analog test facility near the German Neumayer III station in Antarctica. The facility is part of the project of the…

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