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Everyday Activity Science and Engineering

EASE is an interdisciplinary research center at the University of Bremen that investigates everyday activity science & engineering. Everyday Activity Science and Engineering (EASE) is the study of the design, realization, and analysis of information processing models that enable robotic agents (and humans) to master complex human-scale manipulation tasks that are mundane and routine. EASE not only investigates action selection and control but also the methods needed to acquire the knowledge, skills, and competence required for flexible, reliable, and efficient mastery of these activities.


RISE Project

Prevention of Child Mental Health Problems in Eastern Europe – Adapt, Optimize, Test, and Extend Parenting for Lifelong Health

Children in low- and middle-income countries face elevated risks of adverse experiences, which are a common cause for emotional and behavioral health problems across the lifespan. Implementing cost-effective parenting interventions suitable for vulnerable regions is the aim of the RISE project.

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Study of Personality Architecture and Dynamics

Das SPeADy Forschungsprojekt möchte herausfinden, was uns als Individuen in unserem Denken, Fühlen, Streben und Handeln einzigartig macht, wie und warum unsere Persönlichkeit im Laufe unseres gesamten Lebens einerseits sehr stabil ist und sich andererseits stark verändern kann.

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