Teaming Up. Peer coaching for doctoral researchers

Team up!

Writing a dissertation doesn't need to be a lonely enterprise! Sure, expectations from others and oneself are high and the pressures of reality do not make it any easier. Being a doctoral candidate often means having to navigate through a landscape of demands of one’s own field, of doctoral advisers, and of colleagues. A team will help you gain a better perspective so you can stick to your own compass. Meeting on a regular basis can give you the continuity, clarity, and support to make the decisions that your dissertation needs.

Doctoral candidates also have to engage in career-relevant networks, especially if they want to pursue a life outside academia. In this situation, the advice and encouragement of others who know exactly what kind of situation you are in can be a great motivation.

This is why peer groups are a great way to find support and advice, not only while preparing your dissertation, but also in planning your future career.

How to form a team

If you are 4 or more early-career researchers and would like to "team up", contact us at marie.sanderprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de. BYRD will then provide you with a coach to help you form a team and to find the right methods for you to support each other successfully.

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Our coach: Dr. Gabriele Richter

Dr. Gabriele Richter is a lecturer at Bremen University and a coach. She taught in Germany and the Pacific (Rostock University and University of Papua New Guinea in Port Moresby) before coming to Bremen in 2012. She is trained as a Gestalt therapist and coach, having successfully finished her training in 2017, and has been active as a coach since 2015 at Bremen University and irgendwie anders e.V.. She studied Theology (Hamburg University, Humboldt-University Berlin, Yale University/New Haven) and Ethics (Columbia University/New York) and received her doctorate in Religious History from the Rostock University in 2010 after having been supervised (i.e. Zweitgutachter) by the ultimate role model of a supervisor, Hank Nelson (Australian National University, ANU).