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Corona update

Current information about living, studying and working during the Corona pandemic at the University of Bremen.


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The faculty 2 Biology/ Chemistry sees itself as a research center for both basic as well as applied research in the areas of Biology and Chemistry. Our study programs are research oriented and specialize in developing the key competences students require for future university and non-university career fields.


Studies, Research and more

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Study programs

Bachelor programs

International master's programs

International master's program in cooperation with the Faculty 5 Geosciences

International master's program in cooperation with the Faculties 1-5

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Further services

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Eine Gruppe von Kleinkindern mit bunten Jacken und Rucksäcken.

Offerings for pupils and teachers

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  • Biology Didactics: Teaching-Learning-Laboratory (BASCI)
  • Biology Didactics: Education for sustainable development (GraphIt)


  • Chemistry Didactics: Laboratory for pupils (Freiex)
  • Chemistry: Laboratory for pupils
  • Chemistry: Teacher trainings

We participate in ...


portrait of Dr. Christina Roggatz
Fachbereich 2|

“Freigeist” Fellowship for Researcher at the University of Bremen

The Volkswagen "Freigeist” Fellowship has been awarded to the chemical marine ecologist Christina Roggatz from the University of Bremen, who will now receive around 1.3 million euros for her research project. It is the first time that one of the fellowships has gone to the University of Bremen.

Fachbereich 2|

CAMPUS AWARD Goes to Law and Biology Didactics Scholars

Frogs in Ecuador who have sued their country and teaching materials that give students a better understanding of sustainability and modern agriculture. This is what the papers that received this year's "CAMPUS AWARD: Research for a Sustainable Future" are all about.

Logo for lecture series Mindtalks
Fachbereich 2|

Innovations in brain research in Bremen and the surrounding area - lecture series in the summer semester 2022

What makes our brain so flexible? What mechanisms enable us to process the vast amounts of sensory information? How do we establish efficient and adaptive communication between humans and machines?

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Fachbereich 2|

Top Research University Receives Two ERC Grants

Top research university: Two professors receive an ERC grant, one of the European Research Council's most highly endowed awards. Engineering scientist Andreas Fischer and marine scientist Jan-Hendrik Hehemann will each receive around 2 million euros for their foundation research.

Markus Rohdenburg discusses improved FEBID processes with collaboration partner Lisa McElwee-White from the University of Florida (Gainesville) on the occasion of a symposium in Modena (Italy).
Fachbereich 2|

Former IAPC member Dr. Markus Rohdenburg receives Bremen Thesis Award 2021

Electron beams are a precise tool to fabricate 3D structures with sizes in the sub-10 nm regime. The underlying chemical processes are the subject of the PhD thesis by Dr. Markus Rohdenburg who receives one of the 2021 Bremen Thesis Awards.

work under the microscope
Fachbereich 2|

University of Bremen Receives Millions in Funding for Technology Transfer

It is an important step from basic research to technology transfer: The EU will provide Professor Rita Groß-Hardt and her team, together with KWS - one of the world's leading plant breeding companies, and potato breeder Aardevo, with highly regarded funding of around 2.5 million euros.

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Fachbereich 2|

Climate Change Is Endangering Biodiversity in Hedges

Northern and Western Europe are characterized by hedge landscapes. A Europe-wide study, in which the University of Bremen is involved, has investigated the effect of the climate and care on biodiversity in said hedges. The result: Climate change has an effect here too.

Homesteads in smallholder agriculture at the Kavango river

Bacteria for Sustainable Use of Teak in Africa

A team from the University of Bremen has discovered bacteria whilst carrying out research in Africa that may help to cultivate the popular teak tree. That is an important contribution to more sustainable local use of the valuable timber.

RESBIOS - new project under Horizon 2020 programme

The activities within the project will result in institutional changes in five key areas of RRI, e.g. social engagement, education, gender equality, open access, ethics.

Home countries of the master students

Master Welcome Event

Freshers of all international master programs in the Faculty 2 Biology/ Chemistry 2 were given a warm welcome on Wednesday, October 9, 2019.

How to find us

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How to find us

Faculty 2 of the University of Bremen is (for the most part) located in the building NW2, blocks A/B and C, in Leobener Straße.

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