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Ansicht Block C NW2
NW2 Block C

Faculty 2 Biology/Chemistry

sees itself as a research center for both basic as well as applied research in the areas of Biology and Chemistry. Our study programs are research oriented and specialize in developing the key competences students require for future university and non-university career fields.

How to reach us

Faculty 2 of the University of Bremen is (for the most part) located in the building
NW2, blocks A/B and C, in Leobener Straße.

You will find a map of the campus together with a site plan and directions how to find us on the University of Bremen’s homepage.

for students and prospective students

International master's programs of the Faculty 2 Biology/ Chemistry

International master's program in cooperation with the Faculty 5 Geosciences

International master's programm in cooperation with the Faculties 1-5



Foto Thaddeus Terlumun Gbem
Foto Thaddeus Terlumun Gbem

We mourn our good friend Thaddeus Terlumun Gbem (1969 - 2018)

Our hearts weigh heavy these days as we mourn our good friend and colleague Thaddeus Terlumun Gbem. Thaddeus suddenly passed away on past Friday, 21 of September 2018, in Zaria/ Nigeria. He leaves two children, Cheryl and Yator and his beloved wife Lucy.