Matheus Eduardo Leusin new PhD candidate in the area “Digitalization”

Since November 01, 2018, Matheus Eduardo Leusin is a new PhD candidate in the working group Innovation and Structural Change.

He will work on the topic “The Race for Technological Leadership in Artificial Intelligence - Global Trends, Regional Specialization, and Network Structures” in the context of the Faculty’s graduate group “Digitalization”. In the course of the project, an information database in the technological field “artificial intelligence” will be build up from unstructured data with computer-aided data mining, which is then analysed by statistical and econometric methods. The findings shall make a contribution to systematic research in digitalization and permit recommendations for economic and innovation policy.

Matheus Eduardo Leusin studied engineering (Bachelor and Master) at the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil from 2013 to 2018 and was a guest researcher for eight months at the “BIBA – Bremen Institute for Production and Logistics” in 2017/2018.