Susanna Bolz

Susanna Bolz

Scientific employee (PhD candidate)


Max-von-Laue-Straße 1
28359 Bremen
Building WIWI 2, Room F 2240

Phone: +49 (0)421 218-66647


  • Environmental Innovations
  • Sustainability
  • Public Economics


Since May 2021 Susanna Bolz is Research Assistant and PhD candidate at the working group of Prof. Dr. Jutta Günther at the University of Bremen. She studied Economics at the Universities Cologne (M.Sc. 2020) and Heidelberg (B.Sc. 2016) and Sociology (B.A. 2015) at the University Heidelberg. In her dissertation she will deal with empirical questions of Innovation and Environmental Economics. She is participating in the research project “Development of a stakeholder-oriented interaction platform for the design of resilient transformation paths to a regional hydrogen economy” (HyTracks).



Academic education and degrees

Since 05/2021

Scientific employee (PhD candidate)

University of Bremen

10/2016 – 08/2020

Master Programme: Economics

University Cologne

Specialization: Public Economics and Macroeconomics; Growth, Labor, and Inequality

Thesis: “UK’s Universal Credit – Does One Size Fit All?”

Degree: Master of Science

08/2018 – 06/2020

Student Assistant, Prof. Felix Bierbrauer, Chair for Public Economics

University of Cologne

10/2013 - 09/2016


Bachelor Programme: Economics (Political Economy)

University Heidelberg

Specialization: Economic Policy, Public Choice

Thesis: “Selectivity in the allocation of foreign aid – how donors give aid when corruption prevails”

Degree: Bachelor of Science

02/2016 - 05/2016

Internship German Institute for Development, project “Effectiveness and sustainability of Budget Support“

09/2014 – 12/2015

Student Assistant, Prof. Christina Gathmann, Chair of Labor Economics and Political Economy

University Heidelberg

09/2011 – 08/2015

Bachelor Programme: Sociology

University Heidelberg

Specialization:  Sociological Analysis of Institutions (Economy, Market, Organizations)

Thesis: “Der Einfluss der sozialen Herkunft auf die Berufswünsche von Jugendlichen“

Degree: Bachelor of Arts


Since 05/2021

Development of a stakeholder-oriented interaction platform for the design of resilient transformation paths to a regional hydrogen economy - HyTracks

Duration: 36 Months

Project start: 01.12.2020

In cooperation with: Research Group "Resilient Energy Systems" (University of Bremen)

Financed by: Federal Ministry of Research and Education (BMBF)

Workshops, Conferences and Summer Schools

27/09 - 01/10

Scientific Seminar "Dimensions of Knowledge and Technology Transfer “ - Thiessow, Deutschland

Presentation: Sustainability, Land Use and the Manufacturing Sector


PhD Workshop on Hydrogen Transformation - University of Groningen, Leeuwarden, Niederlande

Presentation: HyTracks - Development of an Interactive Platform for Stakeholders in the Industry

17/03 - 19/03

Workshop: "Advancing Indicators of Regional Structural Change" - Online Event

Presentation: Explore or exploit? Crisis-induced innovation behavior of SMEs and large firms


02/09 - 04/09

EAEPE Conference - Online Event

Presentation: Regional Entrepreneurship Culture: Individual Origins, Subconscious Attitudes and Impacts on Entrepreneurship Activities

09/07 - 10/07

Cognitive Economics Virtual Conference - Online event

Poster Session: It all starts in your head – Institutional Change through Corona Crisis impacting Entrepreneurship Perception


21/11 - 22/11

Workshop „Research Area [X] ‚Networks‘“ - Stuttgart, Deutschland

Presentation: The Role of Entrepreneurial Exploration and Exploitation for the Transformation of Regional Knowledge Bases

30/09 - 04/10

Scientific Seminar "New Dimensions in the Economics of Innovation" - Thiessow, Germany

Presentation: Regional Entrepreneurship Culture and Opportunity Perception - Measurement and Determinants

12/09 - 14/09

EAEPE Conference - Warsaw, Poland

Presentation: The Role of Entrepreneurial Exploration and Exploitation for the Transformation of Knowledge Bases

27/06 - 29/06

Uddevalla Symposium 2019 - L'Aquila, Italy

Presentation: The Role of Entrepreneurial Exploration and Exploitation for Unlocking the Potential of Regions. Geographical Determinants, Regional Absorptive Capacity, and Use of Entrepreneurial Knowledge

03/06 - 05/06

European Meeting on Applied Evolutionary Economics 2019 (EMAEE) - Falmer, Brighton, United Kingdom

Presentation: The role of social networks for innovative business idea generation. Geographical distribution of social contracts, structural embeddedness and digitalisation


17/09 - 21/09

Scientific Seminar "New innovation indicators" - Thiessow, Germany

Presentation: Entrepreneurship and the Role of Regional Characteristics on Knowledge Transformation - Dissertation Project

22/07 - 04/08

12th Summer Academy on "Innovation and Uncertainty" - Jena, Germany

Presentation: Informal Institutions and Entrepreneurship in a Regional Context – Conceptual Challenges and Analytical Directions


Doctoral Workshop – Bremen, Germany

Presentation: Stimulating Regional Entrepreneurship: Conceptual Challenges and Analytical Directions