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A contribution to Bremen's science policy: "Science pays off - a contribution to the discussion"

The year 2021 was marked by controversial discussions about the science budget in the state of Bremen. In this context, Bremen economists published a contribution to the discussion that presents insights on the role of science in the regional economy. The publication was coordinated by Jutta Günther (University of Bremen) and Jan Wedemeier (HWWI).


INNcentive program for young researchers celebrates its scholarship holders

INNcentive is a program jointly run by the Stifterverband and the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics at the University of Bremen to support young innovation researchers. Since 2017, three cohorts of master's students and PhD students have been supported in writing their theses. The program was initiated by Muhamed Kudic (formerly University of Bremen, now University of Siegen) in collaboration with Jutta Günther (University of Bremen) and Gero Stenke (Stifterverband). The implementation and execution of the INNcentiv workshops was actively supported by Jessica Birkholz (University of Bremen) and Bettina Gerhard (Stifterverband).

Now, a modern brochure with many photos portrays the sponsored participants and the workshops. Each of the funded projects is characterized by a high degree of novelty in empirical-quantitative or experimental methods. Numerous projects also produced novel data sets for innovation research. Many graduates are now working independently in science, in companies or through start-ups.

At this year's INNcentive workshop, which will take place online on March 11, 2021, all those funded since 2017 will have the opportunity to present their work, engage in conversation, and network activites.

Interested parties are invited and asked to register to attend by contacting Jessica Birkholz at: jessica.birkholzprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

To view the INNcentive brochure:



Alexandra Antoniuk, Vitalii Gryga, Jutta Günther, Ernst Th. Rietschel, Yuliya Ryzhkova, Dagmar Simon, Tobias Wendler and Igor Yegorov: Evaluating Science - a German-Ukrainian experience

The "Eval-Science" project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Research and Education (BMBF) under the reference number 01DK17003 for a period of 18 months from March 2017 to December 2018. The funding format was a “Scientific-Technical Collaboration” (WTZ). During the same time period, the Ukrainian Ministry of Research and Education funded the corresponding Ukrainian project team. The brochure summarizes the results of the project for everybody interested in science evaluation and for the general public.

You can find the publication here.



Department broschure: „Who we are and what we do – A guide to research and teaching“

From April 2015 to March 2019, Jutta Günther was active as Internationalization Officer of the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics. In this role, she and her team have created the brochure "Who we are and what we do - A guide to research and teaching". The brochure served to inform international cooperation partners and students about the fields of activity of the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics. In a creative process and in exchange with the members of the faculty, the brochure created a structure for research that is still used today in the external presentation of the faculty.

You can find the publication here.


Jutta Günther, Maria Kristalova und Udo Ludwig: Unmittelbare und mittelbare Folgen der Wirtschaftssanktionen zwischen der EU und Russland auf Produktion und Beschäftigung in Deutschland

Article in "Russland Analysen", No. 325, pp. 20-24

You can find the publication here.


Jutta Günther und Udo Ludwig: Der Anfang vom Ende des Solis - auf dem Weg zu mehr Gerechtigkeit?

Article in "Neue Gesellschaft / Frankfurter Hefte", No. 03/2015, pp. 19-22

You can find the publication here.

Jutta Günther und Udo Ludwig: How R&D subsidies helped Germany to weather the crisis.

Article in "Research Europe", April 2015


This contribution summarizes empirical research results about the short term macroeconomic effects of research & development subsidies during the economic crisis in Germany. The results were published in the international preer reviewed journal "Research Policy" (44 (2015) p. 623–633. This article informs policy-makers in Europe and the public about our research findings.

You can find the publication here.