New publication: The impact of innovation and innovation subsidies on economic development in German regions

On 29 June 2017, Jutta Guenther and Maria Kristalova presented empirical findings on the long-term impact of public innovation funding in German regions at the International Heilbronn Symposium. They have now published the results together with their co-authors Uwe Cantner, Eva Dettmann and Alexander Giebler in the journal "Regional Studies".

Abstract: Public innovation subsidies in a regional environment are expected to unfold a positive economic impact over time. The focus of this paper is on an assessment of the long-run impact of innovation and innovation subsidies in German regions. This is scrutinized by an estimation approach combining panel model and time-series characteristics and using regional data for the years 1980–2014. The results show that innovation and innovation subsidies in the long run have a positive impact on the economic development of regions in Germany. This supports a long-term strategy for regional and innovation policy.


Regional Studies