Third Session of the “ierp Round Table” on April 24th 2019

The “ierp Round Table” is an open discussion forum mainly on sustainability issues, which was founded in the context of the Institute of Economic Research and Policy (ierp) by Joshua Henkel, Philip Kerner, Tilo König, Daniel Töbelmann and Tobias Wendler.

The forum shall serve as a platform to discuss relevant topics and aspects of economic sustainability. Thereby, complex theoretical as well as practical circumstances are to be debated and vital extensions and adjustments are considered. The discussion offers the opportunity to integrate approaches from a variety of disciplines (e.g. biology, sociology, economics) and to reflect them critically. Thematic basis of the sessions might be scientific articles as well as books or other scientific sources that are announced beforehand. In order to bring all participants on the same level, the chosen topic is explained by two members in the beginning, followed by an open discussion with all participants.

Interested participants are always cordially welcomed to the “ierp Round Table” session!

The third session takes place on 24.04.2019 at 18:15 in room F 2330 in building WiWi2 (Max-von-Laue Str.1, 28359 Bremen).

Contact: tobias.wendlerprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Topic on April 24, 2019: Property Rights and Sustainability – The concept of Institutional Resource Regimes

In this session we want to discuss the role of property rights for sustainability, based on a research paper on Institutional Resource Regimes. Property Rights Theory suggests that distributing property according to certain criteria facilitates sustainable use of resources. Based on the paper we want to discuss the effects of property definition and distribution, and whether the property question is central to achieve sustainability.

Suggested literature

Gerber, JD, Knoepfel, P, Nahrath, S, Varone, F (2009) Institutional Resource Regimes: Towards sustainability through the combination of property-rights theory and policy analysis. Ecological Economics, 68(3), pp. 798-809

Further source

A nice overview on Property Rights Theory can be found at: