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Tobias Wendler presents at the EAERE 25th Annual Conference

The international conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE) took place from June 23 to July 03 2020 as an online event. Tobias Wendler presented a recent research paper on the impact of green innovations on resource consumption.

This year's conference was hosted by the TU Berlin to discuss a wide range of environmental and resource economics topics with an international audience.

Tobias Wendler presented a research paper jointly written with Daniel Töbelmann and Jutta Günther on the topic "Natural resources and technology - on the mitigating effect of green tech". The paper deals with the effects of green technologies on the use of natural resources in European countries. A special focus is placed on biomass and fossil resources, because these resources are of crucial importance from a socio-economic and ecological perspective.

The related working paper can be found here

Tobias Wendler