Editorial for the Journal World Patent Information Volume 58

The Editorial for the World Patent Information Volume 58 is contributed by Prof. Dr. Martin G. Moehrle. In times of globalization and strong technological competition, patent management in particular and intellectual property management in general play major roles for companies and other organisations, such as universities, research institutes, or hospitals. They offer opportunities for the actors, but may also lead to severe risks. By analysing the “customers” of patent management, current challenges and research opportunities are revealed. For researchers, many of the editorial’s examples of changes in the needs of old and new customers may serve as starting points for their investigations.

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Moehrle, Martin G. (2019): Patent management. Needs of old and new “customers”. In World Patent Information (58), pp. 1–3. DOI: 10.1016/j.wpi.2019.101913.

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