Mei Yun Lai

Mei Yun Lai

External PhD Candidate

Haus an der Allee - WiWi1 A2120
Enrique-Schmidt-Straße 1 
28359 Bremen

Phone: +49 (0)421 218 66804
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• Semantic analysis of patent and paper
• Science-Technology Interface
• Sustainable Technologies

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Curriculum Vitae

Since 2020Research associate at the Institute of Project Management and Innovation (IPMI), University of Bremen, Germany
2018 to 2019

Research associate at the Department for Resilient Energy Systems, University of Bremen, Germany

2017 to 2018Technology consultancy in the field of digitalisation and Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS)
2016Internship at Project Management e-fuels Audi AG, Ingolstadt
2016Internship at Institute for Micro Process Engineering, Karlsruhe

Studies in Chemical and Process Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany;

Degree: M. Sc.;

Master thesis: ‘Process design for decentralized fuel synthesis’ (2016)

Specialisation: Chemical energy storage and Reaction Technology
2013-2014Student Research Assistant at Institute for Catalysis Research and Technology, Karlsruhe
2013Internship at EnBW Kraftwerke AG, Heilbronn
2011Internship at Daimler AG Untertürkeim, Stuttgart

Studies in Process and Environmental Engineering at the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences, Germany;

Degree: B. Sc.;

Bachelor thesis: ‘New production method of activated carbon via Hydrothermal Carbonization ‘(2014)
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