Bachelor Thesis

If you are interested in working on any of the bachelor theses listed below, please express your interest to the Institute of Project Management and Innovation (IPMI) by submitting your completed profile [Download: Steckbrief_Bachelorarbeit.docx] to Neli Perchemlieva until 15.03.2023. After your application, we will contact you for a personal interview as soon as possible. If both sides agree, you will receive the confirmation to write your thesis at IPMI immediately (even before 15.03.2023). Applications are treated by the principle of first come, first serve.


During the time you are working on the thesis you will be guided intensively by one of our research associates. The IPMI offers a seminar for preparation purposes (details are following soon). The seminar will give you advice in writing a bachelor thesis and all topics will be finally assigned.


All bachelor theses are timed at IPMI, so all students will start their thesis on 01.04.2023 and will have finished their thesis depending on the regulations of their bachelor program. Final Grades will be given by no later than the end of the semester.

Andre Herzberg, M.Sc.Untersuchung der frugalen Forschung und Patentierung in Deutschland
Andre Herzberg, M.Sc.Analyse der Technologiegebiete von technischen Standards
Andre Herzberg, M.Sc.Systematic literature review zu: Standardessentiellen Patenten
Andre Herzberg, M.Sc.Analyse des Ähnlichkeitsmaßes von Google Patents
Valentin Schmitt, M.Sc.Systematic literature review zu: Universitätspatenten
Valentin Schmitt, M.Sc.Systematic literature review zu: Patent Value
Valentin Schmitt, M.Sc.Systematic literature review zu: Patent Quality
Valentin Schmitt, M.Sc.Systematic literature review zu: Bestimmen der Patentierbarkeit einer Erfindung
Valentin Schmitt, M.Sc.Analysiern der Qualität von „machine translated patents“






















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