Bachelor Studies

Lectures in bachelor studies:

The lecture course “Mathematics” deals with fundamental topics of Analysis and Linear Algebra. Methods of calculation for the respective fields with practical examples will support the understanding of various connections in the field of business and economics. The aim of the course is to provide students with an understanding of the mathematical basis of business administration. This will enable them to present complex economic and social contexts with the help of mathematical models.

Students have a basic knowledge of marketing principles and are able to apply it. They gain knowledge about conceptual basics, frameworks, strategic decisions, marketing instruments and coordination. This methodical knowledge provides students with the ability to analyze and solve decision problems in the context of marketing.

The course is intended to provide an insight into the various facets of the management of industrial property rights. After completing the course, students should be able to explain and assess the basic characteristics of the different types of industrial property rights, independently carry out essential steps in the search and analysis of these rights, explain and evaluate the necessity and functions of industrial property rights, especially in connection with corporate values, and explain and assess strategies and methods as well as the operational tasks of managing industrial property rights.

‘Innovation Management’ is concerned with the question of how innovations can be steered operationally. This concerns the process design of innovations as well as their competitive effects, instruments for evaluating and selecting innovations, some areas of knowledge management, and corporate interface management.   

Nowadays most upcoming tasks in companies are handled as projects. However, the proportion of failed projects tends to be fairly high. In most cases the failure is not due to unfavorable technical conditions, but to the fact that the project management was inadequate. Therefore, it is of great importance for students to become familiar with the basics of an efficient project management. Our course in ‘Project Management’ addresses the roles of all organizational units as well as the organizational and operational provisions for project execution.

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