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Fast urbanization leads to several challenges in many cities all over the world. Thus, urban innovation is considered a common approach to deal with such questions. Although technologies are important factors in urban innovation, the development of technologies over time, how they affect urban innovation, in which relationship they stand to each other, and how they can be evaluated in a system approach are still not clear. To answer these questions, in our study, a Technology-DNA (T-DNA) is applied to US patents, which represent the most developed market in the world. Our paper provides some theoretical points in urban innovation and a systematic classification of technologies in this field based on patent classes. In addition, this research shows technological drivers in different system levels in urban innovation, especially in the super-system (representing city infrastructures) in detail. Therefore, it may help researchers, managers, politicians, and planners to focus on important technologies and to integrate technological drivers in urban innovation in their plans.

Nguyen, Ngoc Uyen Phuong; Moehrle, Martin G. (2019): Technological Drivers of Urban Innovation: A T-DNA Analysis Based on US Patent Data. In Sustainability 11 (24), p. 6966. DOI: 10.3390/su11246966. Link:

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